We made these cool designs for ourselves and thought you might also like them! We weren’t sure what the interest would be, so rather than setting up a store, if you Venmo @leesacharlotte or PayPal me by clicking the link below, we will organize it for you via a 3rd party.

All the items below are $25 – which includes shipping in the US. If you want to ship internationally, please send $30. Put your name, item, size (if required) & address on the purchase. If you don’t have enough space or have any questions, please email us:

We hope you get as much joy out of these as we do.

BBBSG Stainless Steel Pint Glass

"More Gays in Space" Tee

"Bicon Felix Gaeta" Tee

"Kara Thrace & Her Special Destiny" Tee

About Us

Leesa Charlotte (she/her) and Cayley Waldo (she/her, they/them) are two BSG beer-loving babes with backgrounds in theatre, anthropology, politics and psychology. For all the newbies, this podcast is Leesa’s first watch of the show and spoiler-free!

Cayley joined us in Season 3. Shoutout to Melia & Producer Tom who we shared many beers and much banter with in Season 1 & 2. 

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